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Hello! I am Darrien Chow, a local artist from Prince George, B.C. Canada. Working with Acrylic Medium and now photography. I am influenced by music, magazines, nature, fashion, my cultural backgrounds, and the people I care about. My mom introduced me into painting at the age of four, and after many years of just drawing, I started playing with paint and could not stop. I am very passionate about art and I want to share my creations with the world. ENJOY Commissions are welcome. :) This Blog is for the world to enjoy my art :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello My Art Friends!
I have had the chance to work on some paintings, and those who know me if there is anything that I enjoy more other than creating art its talking about art! I love to discuss on this endless topic materials, techniques, and much much more. So please make my day even better, email me about art!!! :)

"Buddha Fest"
By Darrien Chow

$ 260.

"Serendipity Blossom" By Darrien Chow  SALE $60.

"The Cost" - By Darrien Chow
12x16 Acrylic on Canvas
For Sale $85.00
On Display at Art Space for the "Mined Over Matter": Environmental Art Show
This little bird and its wilting flower represent mother nature and her constant battle with Corporate
America and its insatiable appetite for oil and the mining of minerals. The background represents the darkness of their filth and destruction.

"Traveler" - By Darrien Chow
A sketch of the beautiful and very talented Hayley Sales! I have been fortunate enough to have met Hayley at my brothers wedding a few years ago. I had been listening to her music and fell in love with the lyrics and was whisked away to a magical world. "Just Pretend" Is my Favorite Hayley Sales song :)

Thanks for the visit and check back soon! Happy Arting!