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Hello! I am Darrien Chow, a local artist from Prince George, B.C. Canada. Working with Acrylic Medium and now photography. I am influenced by music, magazines, nature, fashion, my cultural backgrounds, and the people I care about. My mom introduced me into painting at the age of four, and after many years of just drawing, I started playing with paint and could not stop. I am very passionate about art and I want to share my creations with the world. ENJOY Commissions are welcome. :) This Blog is for the world to enjoy my art :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sneak Peek

November 19th 2010- A few more paintings in the works :)

"Think in Pink"- By Darrien Chow
9x12 inch Acrylic on Canvas
"Untitled"- By Darrien Chow
16x 16 inch Acrylic on Canvas

"Free Bird"- By Darrien Chow
Acrylic on Canvas
"In Paris" - By Darrien Chow
8x 10 inch Acrylic on Canvas
"Snowdrops" - By Darrien Chow
15x30 inch Acrylic on Canvas

"Little Petals"
6x6 inch Acrylic on Canvas
Happy Birthday Gift

Here is a sneak peek of paintings I am working on and will finish in the near future!!! I hope you like them! Also, if you have any suggestions for comments please post them :) I would love to hear some feedback!
Take care

"Untitled" by Darrien Chow
Work in Progress
Acrylic on 15x 30 inches stretched canvas

"Balance"  by Darrien Chow
Work in Progress Commissioned piece
Acrylic on 12 x 32 stretched canvas 1 of 4

"A New Beginning"  by Darrien Chow
Work in Progress Donation
Acrylic on 24 x 30 profile canvas

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Running for Travis Fundraiser in Vancouver B.C.

Tonight in Vancouver British Columbia is an event happening right now called Running for Travis Fundraiser at the Lotus Sound Lounge.... I was unable to make the trip down for the event :( But I hear there was lots of art donations made! OVER 40 peices!!! Two of which were donated by myself :) I was really happy painting these two paintings. Not just because it was going to a good cause, to help a young man and his family,  but the paintings made me feel hopeful and like anything is achievable :)
Buddha's Lotus (Left) is a relaxing and wishful painting. Also inspired by the BOB song "Airplanes" I wanted the background to be a sky full of shooting stars and we all can make a wish.
When Fish Swim in Trees (Right) made me realized that anything is possible when fish swim in trees.  I remember telling friends this idea and they gave a an odd look but I proved them! haha

All the Best to Travis and his family and to Emily who put the fundraiser all together! And to my new friend Bonnie! Thank you :)

and to learn more about Running for Travis please check out this website :

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Art Show

Hello Everyone!
Well tonight was my first art showing in a gallery!
Groop Gallery in Prince George, B.C. Canada! http://www.groopgallery.com/
It was such an honour to show my art along with the most talented artists! Many Thanks:)
If you are in Prince George make your way to Groop Gallery!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Paintings By Darrien Chow 2010

"Star Bright" - by Darrien Chow
September 2010
Sold to a Collector in Austria
Acrylic Painting  6x8 inch

"Fire and Ice" - by Darrien Chow
August 2010
Sold to a Collector in British Columbia, Canada
Acrylic Painting 10 x 30 each

"Buddha's Harvest Moon" - by Darrien Chow
Groop Gallery in Prince George.  Rust and Found Submission September 10th 2010
Acrylic Painting 12x12 inch

"Dreamer" - by Darrien Chow
May 2010
FOR SALE: $180
work in progress
Acrylic Painting 10 x 30 inch

"Dreamer" - by Darrien Chow
Close up view

"When Fish Swim in Trees" - by Darrien Chow
August 2010
Vancouver Silent Auction Submission September 12th 2010
Acrylic Painting 10x 30 inch

"Lotus Buddha" - by Darrien Chow
August  2010
Vancouver Silent Auction Submission September 12th 2010

Sold to a Collector in Vancouver, Canada

Acrylic Painting 16x 20 inch

"Golden Buddha" - By Darrien Chow
April 2010
Commission sold Collector in Prince George, Canada
Acrylic Painting 18 x 24 inch  
"Koi" - by Darrien Chow
December 2009
Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board 8x 11 inch

"Darrien" -By Darrien Chow
Pen Drawing 2008

"For Cindy Thornton- A Cozy Night" - By Darrien Chow
Not for Sale
This painting was inspired very much by a great artist Cindy Thornton

For Cindy Thornton- Daydreams" - By Darrien Chow
Not for Sale
Again a painting inspired by Cindy Thornton

"Flowers and Fan" - By Darrien Chow
Oval canvas approx 10in. with acrylic paint
Canvas has glass bead gel over, which is not shown in this photo
FOR SALE $40.00

"Friends" - By Darrien Chow
Happy Birthday Gift February 2010
2x3 inch "minnie" canvas :)

"Beautiful Greece" - By Darrien Chow
Merry Christmas Present 2009
8x10 canvas with acrylic paint and 3D flowers