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Hello! I am Darrien Chow, a local artist from Prince George, B.C. Canada. Working with Acrylic Medium and now photography. I am influenced by music, magazines, nature, fashion, my cultural backgrounds, and the people I care about. My mom introduced me into painting at the age of four, and after many years of just drawing, I started playing with paint and could not stop. I am very passionate about art and I want to share my creations with the world. ENJOY Commissions are welcome. :) This Blog is for the world to enjoy my art :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

quantum popcorn

On Friday April 29th 2011, I was given the wonderful opportunity to join Quantum Popcorn for the viewing of "Orbs" and to paint live! The night was a great experience, and I was able to network with many wonderful people! During the evening  everyone had a great time with many activities. Including a maze, healers, music, ect! With this large group of people we as a collective were able to take photographs and see the orbs come to life!

Below" Photo of me painting and that small circle floating in the middle of the photo close to my face is what is called an orb :)

Then on May 27th I joined Quantum Popcorn again for the season finale movie the Celestine Procecy..( great movie by the way! And I hear the book is even better!) At the end of the end My painting that I had started one month prior was raffled off, and the proceeds went to the spirit of the north, UNHBC pediatric unit! over $180.00. And I was so happy to see the painting go to a wonderful person!

If you have an event and you would like me to come and paint live please contact me! Since this experience was very fullfilling and I enoyed ever minute!!