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About Me

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Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Hello! I am Darrien Chow, a local artist from Prince George, B.C. Canada. Working with Acrylic Medium and now photography. I am influenced by music, magazines, nature, fashion, my cultural backgrounds, and the people I care about. My mom introduced me into painting at the age of four, and after many years of just drawing, I started playing with paint and could not stop. I am very passionate about art and I want to share my creations with the world. ENJOY Commissions are welcome. :) This Blog is for the world to enjoy my art :)

About My Art

Serendipity, a foruntate accident, a lucky discovery- which explains how I got introduced to my passion of  art and painting.
One night, when I was a little girl, I was not able to sleep, hearing curious noises in the dinning room. I knew it was my mother, but what was she doing in the early hours of the morning? So I crept outside my room, just to take a quick peek and then go back to my bed for some sleep. I planned on being as quite as a mouse so my mom wouldn't even know I was out of my bed.  But seeing what I saw, there was not a chance that I would be returning to bed. My mother with a brush in her hand and streams of colour flowing from it. She was painting. I watched her with amazement before I begged her to let me try! Finally she had agreed and I made my first painting.

As the years passed I continued drawing, and taking a few art class in high school,  but in 2008 I started a job at Speedee Printers. Thinking working in a store close to home and that had office supplies would be helpful. But then I was once again introduced to paint. And I dug out my mothers old paints and canvas and have not stopped.

To create my paintings I work with Golden Acrylic Paint, on stretched canvas.
All paintings are finished with an isolation coat and varnish for proctection against UV Rays.

Commissions are welcome.